adult artwork

Liger! MrrrurRURRurr! Benjamin-br-02.jpg is a picture of me as Benjamin, the liger, in a crouched pose, a little off balance. Why the name 'Benjamin,' you ask? That's my RL name, and this handsome liger seems to now best define my personal furry type -- A crossbred mix of lion and tiger. I'm not really sure what is being reacted to in this composition (I've forgotten?), but it must not be as interesting as the cute subject of this work. ;X) (79.8 KB) (August 10, 1998)
Benjamin-br-02-pencil.JPG is the pencilled version of this work, when it was still in progress. (48 KB)

Simba-br-02wp.JPG is the first erotic drawing that I had done of one of my furry personalities. As you can see, Simba is pointing at something... err... two things? This drawing represents a return to a more standard set of proportions more akin to a human's, differing from the earlier artwork of... myself as my leonine character, Simba. Come to think of it, the longer legs do have more of an appeal. (69 KB) Two points!
Simba-br-05wp.JPG is simply a picture of myself (as Simba) lounging about, showing off the effect of a good cockring. There's also an attempt at looking kind of sexy here, but that's left to everyone else to decide for themself. (74 KB) Ringer!

Prrrrrr... Ithabise-br-01wp.JPG is my first drawing of the sexy anthro lioness, Ithabise. This one is intended as a simple study of sorts, or a quick visual intro to this lovely creature. What's she looking at? Don't ask. It's up to you to decide that. (89 KB)

Kopje-br-01wp.JPG is the first of my attempts at a more... adult(?) approach to furry artwork. It is a portrait of Kopje, a beautiful lioness, displaying her sexual anatomy similar to that of a female hyena's. The original is done in brushed ink and watercolour, the figure itself measuring about thirteen inches by eight inches. (45 KB) Ummm... ma'am?
Kopje-br-02wp.JPG takes a rather different angle at viewing Kopje, ready and waiting. The media of the original are brushed ink and watercolour in an aproximately ten inch square dimension. Needless to say, the scanning and stitching was a bit of a challenge at this size, but it seems to have worked fine. (52 KB) Ooooo...

Vixen in glasses! Julia-br-01wp.JPG is a drawing of an acquaintance of Kopje's. I picture her as a frail and delicate (yet yiffy) little vixen, implied somewhat by her desc. She also represents my first attempt at drawing a vulpine. (27 KB)

Nobody-br-01wp.JPG depicts Nobody, the cute doggie that really is somebody, wearing nothing but the collar he wears for his mistress... and the obligitory smile too. He's a good fur to have around considering that he's a Nobody. Heh. (30 KB) Ky00t doggie!

Yiffy fox. Mrrr... Fox-br-01wp.jpg is a picture of a young crimson vulpine. He's another fur of the world of Sociopolitical Ramifications who is a good friend of mine. As you can easily see, this young fox seems to be interested in something. (33 KB)

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