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Benjamin, the liger Benjamin-br-01wp.JPG is a picture of myself as Benjamin, my personal furry character. Yes, 'he' even goes by the exact same given name as our RL counterpart. And... Yes, this Benjamin is striped. Why's that? It's because he is a liger, conceived from the mating of a lion and a tigress. I like to think that I'm looking extra handsome in this close up on my face... and some may say 'sexy'. The stripes have a lovely effect on my pelage, if I dare say so myself. ;X) (90 KB)

Simba-br-01wp.JPG is my earliest self-portrait, this one depicting me as Simba, the lion. It was drawn in pencil, then brushed with ink, and finished in watercolour paints. The way I drew this picture, the proportions of the anatomy are a bit more retrograde back to the lion, giving the character a slightly elongated body and shortened legs compared to standard human physiology. The head is also large like that of a non-morphic lion's, and from it flows a thick and beautiful mane. If you want to find Simba, you'll most likely be able to run into him on Sociopolitical Ramifications, FurryMUCK or FurryFaire. (44 KB) First rendition of Simba
Simba-br-04wp.JPG is another picture of myself as Simba. In this composition, he's roaring, a bit more angstful than usual. The text in the background is the lyrics to one my favorite songs from my favorite band. Killing Game by Skinny Puppy. Actually, the pose he's in for this picture depicts him trying to sing along with the lyrics like I so often do... so this picture can give you the idea of what Skinny Puppy often sounds like. (94 KB) ROAR!!

Senajit Senajit-br-01.jpg is a painting of a tiger friend of mine who I've known via a handful of MUCKs and ICQ. He's physically a non anthropmorphic tiger, but has the intelligence and such of a human. For those who are keeping tabs... yes, this is the first paid commission that I've actually managed to complete. ;X) (55 KB) (January 24, 2002)
Senajit-br-01p.jpg is the version of this pic while it was still in progress. (38 KB) (July 7, 2001)

Luperion-Skullcrusher-br-01.JPG depicts my alternate characer, Skullcrusher, with a good friend, Luperion. Prrrr... They're all nice and snuggly together here, sharing Valentine's Day together with cupids and pink hearts tastefully implied. <grin> (85 KB) Tigerpaws and Wolfpaws
Cashew_Lou-br-01.JPG is the title page in Cashew Lou's Book Of All That Is Big, showing him gawking at some huge furry that would be somewhere outside the composition. Yes, Lou likes his furs big... very big. This one's drawn in Cashew Lou's player's sketchbook, first done in pencil and then inked over using a brush. I was glad the paper would take to the brush medium so well, but dared not to continue forth with watercolours. (35 KB) (January 12, 1999) Cashew Lou likes it big!
yangu-br-01.jpg is a drawing depicting yangu, the aquatic amberlioness, toting a plushie lion (stuffed animal). Her player imagines that the lioness is doing a demonstration for "expecting" pride sisters regarding the fine art of handling one's cubs. ;X)  This one's in the con sketchbook of a friend of mine, drawn in pencil at first, then finished in brushed ink. It's a bit more rough and loose in style that I expected it to be, but I feel it does this piece nicely. :X) (78 KB) (July 13, 2003)
yangu-br-01-pencil.jpg is the in progress version of this drawing. (64 KB) (February 9, 2003)
yangu, the aquatic amberlioness!

Kitties! OAC-tigers-br-93.jpg is a painting I did in my OAC year of high school. Yes, OAC... another term for 'Grade 13', used here in Ontario for preparation for university... well, at least it used to be. As you can see, these two tigers are having a bit of an... err... discussion. Yeah, that's it. I got a very high grade on this piece, as I recall. 90-something % ain't bad, eh? I forget the exact grade, it's been so long. ;X)
Anyways... Enjoy! 'Twas completed in Spring of 1993, for those who may be counting. :X)(94 KB) (March 19, 2002)
Mrrr... Nice lions! Lions-br-01.JPG is a drawing I had done for my niece, Jayme, for her christening. It depicts a lion and lioness standing side by side. Basically, it's intended for the child's bedroom, which has an 'animals of the ark' theme to it. No, they're not anthro, but these two lions fit in purrfectly. ;X) (74 KB) (September 19, 2000)

Benjamin-Farley-Miami-Timbavati-br-w.JPG is the most recent artwork that I've done for Feral!, the furry summer camp. This work depicts Benjamin the liger (That's me!) instructing Farley the lynx in a drawing class. Miami the horse poses with his acoustic guitar at the campfire side, ready to sing you all a song. Timbavati the white lioness plots the fun times she'll have getting good use out of the wildebeest costume she has in progress. Foam heads can be... good camouflage! Mrrr... (100 KB) (August 6, 2000)
Benjamin-Farley-Miami-Timbavati-pencil.JPG is the version of this work while still in progress. (76 KB) (August 3, 2000)
Drawing felines! Singing horses! Devious plots! Feral! 2000!
Timbavati+Benjamin+Farley-br-01.JPG is a picture I've done for Feral!, the furry summer camp. It depicts Timbavati the white lioness, Benjamin the liger (Me!), and Farley the lynx going for a stroll along a trail in the woods, supposedly somewhere near the Kinark Outdoor Centre. What's Farley pointing at? What's Benjamin there staring at? And... Where's Timbavati's paw going? Mrrr... Who knows... (108 KB) (August 6, 1999)
Timbavati+Benjamin+Farley-br-pencil.JPG is the pencil version of this work, from when it was still in progress. (54 KB) (July 26, 1999)
Timbavati, Benjamin, and Farley going for a stroll in the woods!
Farley-br-01wp.JPG is my rendition of the mascot character created for Feral!, the furry summer camp that I've been helping to organise each summer. As you can probably tell, Farley is a Canada lynx. In this work, he is portrayed peering out over a vista of some sort, near to Camp Arowhon (The venue of the first Feral!) presumably. (63 KB) (August 11, 1998)
The pencilled, incomplete version is Farley-br-01-pencil.GIF. (60 KB)
Farley, the lynxie Feral! mascot

Prrrrrrr... Lyin-br-colour.jpg is a picture of Simba just lazing about and being a typical lionmorph... not to mention, looking good too. Mrrr... We leonines have it made. ;X) (49 KB)
Smile! SimbaSmile-br.JPG is an ink sketch close-up of Simba's beautiful, smiling face. The drawing itself was very quickly done, though I feel that it is simple yet nicely executed. (48 KB)

Rochester-br-01.JPG is a still life drawing of a lion plushie that is a big part of my small collection. He was a gift I had received while visitting in Rochester, New York, USA, thus the name I've given him. It's a cute name that rather befits any noble lion, don't you think? (61 KB) (March 23, 2000)
Rochester-br-01p.JPG is the pencilled version from when this work was still in progress. (44 KB) (January 18, 2000)
Rochester, the lion plushie!

Simba-Ra, an retired character SimbaRa1.JPG is a picture of my old FurryMUCK character, Simba-Ra. This was created by first making a pencil sketch and then inking it over using a brush. Simba-Ra has been retired from MUCKing service. (67 KB)
An ol' friend Lostboy1.jpg is a picture of a friend's character on FurryMUCK. It was drawn with the permission of his player, T.J. Wall. I used pretty much the same method as I used for SimbaRa1.jpg. (49 KB)

Edward-br-01wp.JPG is portrait of the young wolf cub, Edward, with whom I am familiar with on Sociopolitical Ramifications. In this work, Edward's jaw is dropped at seeing something off the frame that he likely should not be seeing. (26 KB) Eddy!

Silkie lady... Syvel-br-01wp.JPG was inspired by the fact that I've already seen drawings of her front side, so I decided to take a look from a different angle. Syvel is an old friend of mine, who I used to RP with a fair bit and had helped build a couple MUCKs with. (34 KB)

Gnuwere-br-01wp.JPG was first created for submission to a friend's 'zine on the fandom of werebeasts, pretty much a furry thing. Gary here finds himself fitting into the workplace PERFECTLY, being the ideal species of werebeast, and going for the added bonus of bright clothing which makes him look like a nice, fun cat toy for his werelion boss. (58 KB) Duhhhh...
Tigwere-br-1994.JPG is a work of mine that is of a character I had designed for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. As the filename indicates, this drawing is a few years old. I thought it was still worthy of adding to my online collection, though. His name is Skullcrusher, inspired by the title of an obscure New Order song. (170 KB) Ol' pic of Skullcrusher

Face of a Siberian tiger Tigerface-br-1994.JPG is the first watercolour work that I ever took a stab at with that medium. Can you tell? It turned out nicely considering it was a first attempt. (90 KB)

Mrahrkhaghttuhn-br-1993.GIF is a picture of an old Rifts RPG character of mine. He was a rather giant, very powerful individual, and something of a demi-god. This work was done in that same year, 1993, yet still warrants being posted on my site, I believe. (44 KB) Old old character...

My RL sister-in-law's sheltie Amber-br-01.JPG is a sketch I did of my RL sister-in-law's sheltie, Amber. This picture was pencil sketched and simply inked with an ink pen as opposed to the brushwork I normally do. The original was given to my niece, Kailey, upon her birthday this year. (43 KB) (November 19, 1998)
Tigger as a kitten Tigger-br-01.JPG is a full colour sketch done of a cat my family used to have. The original of this one was a gift for my RL father on his 65th birthday. And yes, the inking on this one was in fact done with a brush, returning to my preferred medium. (39 KB) (November 22, 1998)

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