Other liger-based destinations

liger snaps is a photoblog that I had started in order to share some photos I've been taking. Currently includes some shots at the Toronto Zoo and plenty of my dogs. Check it out!

My directory on the VCL server holds just all the work that I have thus far released to the Internet. It's an excellent back-up site in case you find your connection to this site less than ideal or would prefer not to have to use the graphical interface.

Furry Resources on the WorldWide Web

Flayrah is a web site feauring furry and furry-related news. It's a good spot for furs and fur-curious folks to browse at. ;X)

Fur Affinity is a furry-specific art sharing site which lets you post your artwork and allows others to comment on it and whatnot. I'm sure that you'll find it worth checking out. :X)

Furry Resource Page.
The Furry Resource Page hosts a lot of useful furry links, leading to many, many sites throughout the furry world on the Internet.

Sofurry is a gallery community site for furries, something like FurAffinity. Worth a peek or two!

Tigerden is another excellent resource for the furry fanatic. Tons of links from here will connect you to various furry artists worldwide.

Lions on screen

The Lion King is, in my opinion, the best movie ever! :XD
I'm sure you know about it, but if you wish to see more, check out Disney's official site for this wonderful animated instant-classic.

Animal Related Web Sites

National Geographic: Big Cat Initiative: Conservation efforts being put forth to keep big cats in the wild, where they belong! Check it out!

Generally Net-Geeky Stuff offers mapping, a phone directory, business directory, such and so forth, all to serve primarily Canadian needs.

Google is the search engine of choice... well, at least by this liger's choice. :XD

Facebook is one of the net's biggest social networks. You can find all sorts here... plus some rather addicting Flash-based games and apps. ;X)

The Weather Network, which is a popular source of weather information, whether you're in Canada or the United States. :X)

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