Photographs taken at Killman Zoo in April, 2003.
K03-lion-br-01.jpg is the first in this series of photos that I took of the resident lion at Killman Zoo. They had him in a much better enclosure this year, allowing me to get some really good photographs of him. :X) (59 KB)
K03-lion-br-02.jpg is one of my best shots I've taken of this lion. It's very clear, crisp, and he's got a very interesting expression on his face at the moment that this photograph was taken. (48 KB)
K03-lion-br-01.jpg was taken when the lion was finishing up or about to roar. I can't remember which, exactly. Still, he looks a bit silly in this image. ;X) (45 KB)
K03-lion-br-04.jpg is another gorgeous photo of this gorgeous lion. The only thing that mars this image is the blur of the fence wire which goes right across his nose. Fortunately, it's not very noticable. I'm very, very happy with this pic though. :X) (52 KB)
K03-lion-br-05.jpg is a portrait style image, which is rare for me, of the same lion. He's seen here, sitting upon his platform, enjoying the sun, and checking stuff out. (55 KB)
K03-lion-br-06.jpg shows this lion yawning, of course. Lions (and lionesses) spend a lot of their time at rest, just taking it easy between times when they go out and kill things. This is one of those lazy times, as you can see. ;X) (48 KB)
K03-lion-br-07.jpg is another photo of our friend, the lion, taking it easy on his platform. He's watching some of the patrons of the zoo, and likely pondering a snack of some sort at the same time. Coincidence? I think not. ;X) (50 KB)
K03-caracal-br-01.jpg is a photo of one of the resident caracals at the zoo. Check out the funky ears. He's looking a bit peevish though. Might have been the squealy voices of the little kids in the area. :XP (43 KB)
K03-tiger-br-01.jpg is a very large resident tiger at the zoo. He was pacing a fair bit when I had stopped by his enclosure, so it was difficult to photograph him. Oh well. Maybe next time! (60 KB)

Photographs taken at Killman Zoo in 2001.
K01-lion-br-01.jpg is a photo of a young, quite handsome lion that was held in the same large pen as a lioness. They were on an elevated platform, which made them all the easier to photograph. As you can see from this series of photos, these two weren't in the best of moods... (44 KB)
K01-lion-br-02.jpg is the same lion still looking a might bit peevish. The close by enclosure made it a great opportunity to get some really good facial close up photographs, though! (42 KB)
K01-lion-br-03.jpg shows the lion face on, looking quite grumpy still. ;X) (42 KB)
K01-lion-br-04.jpg shows our moody friend at another angle. I like how furrowed his brow is. Very interesting, if I may dare say so... (42 KB)
K01-lion-br-05.jpg is still angry looking. Despite the bad mood, this lion still looks incredibly handsome. What a mane! (40 KB)
K01-lion-br-06.jpg shows the male resting close to the curled up lioness. She doesn't look too cheery, either! :XD (42 KB)
K01-lion-br-07.jpg very nicely displays this male's very proliferous mane. Beautiful kitty! (43 KB)
K01-lion-br-08.jpg shows off how big this lion's teeth are. You definitely don't want any part of you staying in his enclosure for long, what with the mood he's in here! Wow! (42 KB)
K01-lion-br-09.jpg is a bit of an action shot showing both of the lions getting snarly at the moment. It's blurry, but hey... in a way, that adds to the image! (34 KB)
K01-lion-br-10.jpg shows the mail peering over the side of the lioness, from where the two were resting at one point. Oh, what a mood! (26 KB)
K01-lion-br-11.jpg is a second image of our friend giving a rather nasty stare at the onlookers. (27 KB)
K01-cubs-br-01.jpg is a pic of a pair of cougar cubs being carried in the hands of one of the zookeepers. (28 KB)
K01-cougar-br-01.jpg shows a young, rambunctous cougar looking disgustingly cute! I think I just went diabetic from seeing this kitty in action... (40 KB)
K01-jaguar-br-01.jpg is a pic of a resident jaguar, come out to greet the zoo's visitors. (40 KB)
K01-caracal-br-01.jpg shows a caracal just sitting back and relaxing for a few... (25 KB)

Photographs taken at the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo in 2001.
MTZ01-lion-br-01.jpg is a photo of the lion at the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo as of 2001. It was a rather overcast, damp day in the early Spring, but the lions here always look fantastic. :X) (30 KB)
MTZ01-lion-br-02.jpg shows the same lion caught in the midst of roaring. The faux rocks in the display serve as a great shelter for these big kitties. (32 KB)
MTZ01-lion-br-03.jpg was taken as the same lion wandered out from under his shelter under the rock outcropping. He's peering over at the white lioness that's near the back of the exhibit. (43 KB)
MTZ01-white_lioness-br-01.jpg is a picture of the true white lioness that the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo has on permanent exhibit! Mrrr... (27 KB)
MTZ01-cheetah-br-01.jpg shows one of the cheetahs on exhibit at the zoo. They have a glass wall that patrons can walk right up to, and on the opposite side, the cheetahs are often found relaxing in the shade or taking shelter from the rain. (56 KB)

Photographs taken at the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo in 1997.
Lion-br-01.JPG is a picture of... a lion of course! This photo was taken during a visit to the Metro Toronto Zoo in the year 1997. My other friends were bored out of their skulls while I went nuts photographing the lions. (46 KB)
Lion-br-02.JPG is another photo of the very same lion. He was particularly photogenic this day, it seemed. I had better luck than usual. (42 KB)
Lion-br-03.JPG is, yep, another picture of the same lion. Ky00t! (39 KB)
Lion-br-04.JPG is yet another picture of the lion at MTZ. He's in a different spot now! I like how this one shows no unmistakable evidence of the zoo setting, back-dropped with what is actually a concrete set of sculpted rocks. (47 KB)
Lioness-br-01.JPG is a picture of a lioness of the same pride of the lion in the previous photographs. That's him still in the background there. (41 KB)
Lioness-br-02.JPG is a picture of the same lioness. Different angle, slightly differnt pose. (39 KB)
Lioness-br-03.JPG is another photo of this lioness. Her black nose shows how aged she is. Poor lionesses just can't lie about such things. Heehee. (40 KB)
Red-panda-br-01.JPG captures this 'lesser' panda with the right thing in mind. Sleep is an art form, and these little guys are almost as lazy as we lions. (58 KB)>
Snowmeow-br-01.JPG is a picture taken of a pretty snow leopard perched regally upon a rock ledge within his domain at the zoo. (48 KB)
Snowmeow-br-02.JPG captures this same snow leopard at a different angle. (50 KB)

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