creative writing

The blue is a short little poem I wrote with a whimsical sense to it, painting the colours of the seasons.

Liger is a quick little poem that I had written on the whim of a momentary inspiration. Whenever I read it, I always enjoy it. It perhaps offers a bit of insight on how much I adore these great feline creatures.

Native Siberian is a poem I wrote in grade twelve, one I did for no good reason aside from being inspired to write it. It's a long one, but has gotten some very positive comments before. Feedback is welcome!

Scritches is a quick little poem that I wrote for a furry 'zine I did in my third year of university, for my Design III class. It's cute, and other furs (and even some mundanes) enjoy it.

Wanderer is a short poem about loneliness and the desire to help cure it.

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