Well, hello there!
Welcome to my furry artwork gallery!
I'm Benjamin, the liger that you see in the image to the left of here... and I'm also the one responsible for the artwork that you'll find displayed on this site. For those of you who look for work that will appeal to a more mature audience, I have a set of adult artwork available for viewing. Enjoy! :X)
Another hobby of mine involves hauling out the SLR camera and heading out to the various zoos in the region. Feel free to check out some of my photographs.
On the odd occasion, I pick up a pen and notepad and get myself into doing some creative writing. Prrowr.
If you're interested in reading up on my site updates or just general goofing around (as ligers like myself often do), check out the section of my site that I lovingly entitled 'liger-babble'!
I also have a list of links to some of my online buddies' sites. Hey! Even us ligers need friends! There's not many of my kind out there to begin with. Heheheh... (No, I'm not related to Mr. Rogers... and no, I won't be your neighbour. Just friends, please! Heh. Membership is limited! Act NOW! Just don't ask me what those puddles are. Trust me. You're best off not knowing!) ;X)
Speaking of ligers with friends, there are some fellow artists that comprise my growing collection of guest artwork, featuring their renditions of myself and/or my other online personalities either posing alone or involved with their own characters or somesuch. Be careful as some of it's a bit... adult. ;X)
I currently have a slew of links from my site, leading to various resources throughout the furry fandom. I actually run several of those resources amongst those links, so hey... do me a favor and give them a good look-see. Also, if you'd like to make a link to my site from your own, I have a set of banners available to choose from. Lookin' good, n'est-çe pas?
Furs (and other kin) often ask me questions about my artwork, ligers, big cats, and stuff. For those that may want to save themselves the time of e-mailing me, I have a F.A.Q. that you may like to browse through. I really ought to be adding more to this sometime soon...
Oh, and if you came in from another site's link or somesuch and want to continue along your merry way, you can try out my own links page. If you're taking off now, please come back and visit anytime. You're more than welcome to! I'm usually up to something or another, even if it's not new furry artwork, but I'm always trying to bring something new and interesting into my site here. On occasion, there's even a new facelift happening here — the site, not me! ;X)

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